Hey there, my name is Gregory Cortez and I'm a creative artist and entrepreneur. I've been working as a photographer in the Bay Area since I graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2011.

I began as a freelancer producing music videos, on-the-fly photo shoots, and media for friends and family. I moved on to spending 4 years building a sole-proprietorship photography business, Gregory Cortez Media, specializing in architectural photography. 

Now I am building a fully incorporated business, Cortez Media Group, Inc. as a multimedia production studio that focusing of visual media production for businesses and other creative artists.

I have learned quite a bit over the years about the business of photography, general business tactics and practices, and how to live a more purposeful life for both professional and personal areas of life. I find it very important to be an example of a creative artist who can succeed in both business operations and the creative pursuit.

I fell in love with film and photography as young child and have always been drawn to telling visual stories. I hope with my experience and growth as a person I can share my story to not only encourage others to follow their dreams in the creative arts, but also succeed in business and ultimately, life at large.