Look both ways.

Look both ways.

Why is it so hard to blog? 

I wish I could write more often and in doing so have a more active blog, but I don't know what it is.. It just doesn't happen. 

I think it is a lot of work to maintain an active blog. Especially when you're working on a bunch of different projects, work related and otherwise. But I'm finding that I really just need to make it a habit of sitting down and writing. Just like I sit down and edit photos. Because, as weird as it may sound, I do have an opinion on things!

I really want to 1) write more on here and 2) talk more about my experiences as a photographer and my jobs. But for now I am just going to work on #1. So if I start posting things that are not photography related and you happen to read them just know that I do in fact have a life outside of photography :)

I'll see you soon, happy friday!