I went to Austin, TX!

 Processed using VSCO Film 03.

Processed using VSCO Film 03.

For the past six months I have had the pleasure of shooting for a company called The Daily Muse. The Muse (in short) is a recruitment platform that provides potential applicants and job seekers a thorough insight on the life, culture and vibe of a prospective company; as well as job listings.  

The Muse is great because instead of just applying to a job and hoping that you are a good fit for it and vice versa, you get a first hand look at photos, videos, and text of some of the rarest perspectives of a company (unless you work there that is). 

Simply, The Muse is friend who works "at that company" who is willing to spill all the juicy perks of the job and some tips on what you need to land the job. 

Anyway, I've had the chance to do a lot of traveling lately and here I wanted to share some photos of one of my recent trips to Austin, TX! It was my first time to Austin and though it was short and packed back to back with work, I got a second to snap some photos of the city using a Canon S100 point and shoot.

You can find The Muse online here:  http://www.thedailymuse.com and http://www.themuse.com/companies 

*remind me soon to go into a little more detail of my expierences working with The Muse and some of the cool companies I have had the chance to check out.*

**I edited these images using VSCO Film 03, C-Poloroid 669- and a few of my own tweaks**