Architecture Links - Friday April 11, 2014

Being the end of the week (finally), I'd like to take a moment and share some of the more interesting architecture links that I came across this week. Maybe these might make your Saturday morning reading list or if anything point you in the right direction to some really cool sites.

1. Designboom - gensler structures jackson hole airport with wood trusses

This is a wonderful airport done by Gensler in Wyoming, photographed by Matthew Millian. With the mountain terrain and the incredible use of wood, this little airport really gets that cabin feel.

2. ArchitizerArchitectural Manifestos, Meet the Micro-Blogging Era

I tweeted out this one earlier this week, but it's a fun little post where architects reevaluate the architectural manifesto with the micro-blogging era in mind, i.e. the Multifesto.

"in an era in which we barely have the time or headspace to catch up on our Twitter feeds, Facebook invites, and Instagram selfies, the classic architectural manifesto seems a bit stodgy. Let's consider our love of short-form media as a leap forward, a forum in which we can express ideas that are pluralistic, translatable and ready for comment."

 Architects take their design philosophies and break them down into a 3-word verb-preposition-noun format. If I had to make one, I'd say it would be: Engage with Purpose. What would yours be?

3. Archello -  Center for Interpretation of Jewish Culture - Isaac Cardoso

This last one is an awesome building in an old medieval fortified village, which was once referred to as "the Jewish quarter of Trancoso." It makes great use of granite slab to construct it's irregular shape and pointed corners. The way this building weaves into such an old town really makes for a visual juxtaposition.

Thats all for now. If you come across any cool sites or architectural projects feel free to send them my way in the comments or on twitter (@gregorycortez)