Architecture Wednesday - Principal Builders, Inc.

Principal Builders, Inc., Located in downtown San Francisco, is a General Contractor firm servicing much of the Bay Area.

Last week I was able to stop by the Principal Builders offices for a quick chat before I went off to shoot one of their upcoming projects (it's a secret for now!). I have always really enjoyed their office space and loved all of the natural light that floods in from the skylights and the top-to-bottom window panels they have so I took a moment to take some photographs of their office space.

They do a great job of utilizing the open space for collaboration but their is also enough room for concentration and individual work. I'm a big fan of the all white interior and the exposed beam structure along the ceiling of the office. Principal Builders takes pride in their work and you can see photographs of it all throughout their office (some of it is my work, which I have to say it really cool to see).


Again, I just love the natural light in the office. I've been to a few other office spaces that are so dark and lonely that it would seem hard to stay motivated and creative throughout the day. 

Principal Builders is a great client of mine and I feel blessed to document their work. Please feel free to check our their extensive portfolio here

And that is this weeks #ArchitectureWednesday!