Architecture Links - Monday April 28th, 2014

I missed last week's Architecture Links due to some hustling and bustling for Content Magazine and some other jobs that I was working on. It's always great to be busy with work, I definitely won't complain about it, but I did sort of feel bad for missing friday's post. But this week I should be able to write it up in advance to get the post out right on time. But let's go for it huh! Here are my favorite posts from last week's Architecture Links!

1. New York Times - Cities for Tomorrow 

Last week the NYT Conferences held the NYT Cities for Tomorrow conference which included a variety of panels and speakers talking about what the future holds for our urban spaces in the realms of Architecture, technology, and urbanism. I'm sure there will be a few talks that you will thoroughly enjoy. You can watch the opening remarks from Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. here:

Watch live streaming video from nytcitiesfortomorrow at

 Image via

Image via

This is an interesting article about Open Offices, which are one of the biggest trends right now, and how they can in fact be counter productive to office productivity. Do you work in an open office and if so how do you feel about  it?

3. Architizer - Casa Es Carnatge

 Image via  twitter.

Image via twitter.

This last link is a project done by the firm Miel Arquitectos in Spain. There is something about this project, which is a single family home, that reminds me of a fortress and is actually very prison-like (and I say that in a good way??). You would have to comfortable being encapsulated by the tall stone walls and the kind-of desolate landscape, all of which does mesh well with the surrounding architecture. 

"The architects proposed this single house as a historical catalyst of the surrounding environment: Quaternary sand dunes, limestone quarries, military bunkers, the Palma Son Sant Joan airport and the nature of Palma Bay."

All of these features are really intriguing to me and I feel that you could almost spend your days losing track of time and drifting through the spaces of this home if your not too careful. But that could be my Stanley Kubrick influence talking.

So last week's Links are pretty diverse, but I think you will find some interest in the variety and I look forward to recapping this next week's amazing architecture stories. As always feel free to send over anything you find interesting or a cool project that you are working on. I'll talk to you on Wednesday for #ArchitectureWednesday!