Architecture Wednesday - Axis San Jose

A San Jose apartment building, Axis.

A few months ago I was heading over to the Content Magazine pickup party that was being held at the lovely SP2 bar at San Pedro Market Square. Just as I was about to rush in and start celebrating with the subscribers and staff I saw the Axis building off to my right looking spectacular. With the sunset and the clouds, and all the colors reflecting off the glass panels of the building I knew I had to shoot it (I'm sure many of you know what I mean).

This is another one of those moment where you think to yourself and say 'this is what this building was designed for.. sunsets like this.' From top to bottom, the building is reflecting a full spectrum of colors and enchanting shades of light. I can only imagine what the view is from the inside.

Photographically I really enjoy this image and I don't mind that subtle elements in the foreground. I think they add a little depth and juxtaposition of the built and soon to be built. I should probably make a post about the post processing of this image and break down the few steps I took to get this image to what you see now. Is that something you would be interested in?

Anyway, that's #ArchitectureWednesday and I hope you enjoyed it!