Architecture Wednesday - B2 Cafe

B2 Coffee in San Jose, CA. Located in the beautiful San Pedro Square Market.

As you may know I shoot architecture and interior design spaces for a living (as well as editorial photography). While I've been growing in this space over the past two years my interest and appreciation for spaces has equally grown. I love being in a well planned room and seeing a creative use of space in an office or establishment. I also find it quite fascinating to see how spaces end up getting used by customers or employees and how different or spot-on it is to what the architects or designers envisioned. 

That being said, I'd like to kick off a themed series called Architecture Wednesday. This is where I document and post visually interesting and (hopefully) awesome architectural spaces. I'm often in or passing by really neat buildings, offices, or stores on a job or just exploring the South Bay and I'd really love to take advantage of these opportunities and share a little of what I experience with you.

Now, I am a very visual person, so Architecture Wednesday will mostly take the form of photography supplemented with a little bit of context in writing. Just don't expect a full thesis on a space each time. lol.

The above space is from a lovely cafe in San Jose called B2 Coffee, which is the second location of the Bellano Coffee company. The space makes up an incredibly well lit cafe and shared working space. Perfect for an afternoon meeting or editing session. You can mingle, drink coffee, and even catch a live music performance. I've photographed quite a bit here for Content Magazine, documenting the many events hosted here.

From a design standpoint I really enjoy the use of the brick walls, large, windowed-garage doors, and high ceilings. All of that make for a great open space. Good luck trying to find a seat on a sunny Saturday afternoon; this place gets packed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Architecture Wednesday and I'll look forward to next week's post. Let me know your thoughts on B2 the next time you check it out.