Architecture Links - Friday May 2nd, 2014

It's been a short week since my last post. That's one of the problems with getting behind schedule is that you are always rushing, but at this point this is something that I really enjoy doing so I don't mind having to be talking about cool architecture links.. I mean it could be worse right??

But despite this week being short and blazing by, there is still a ton of really interesting news and projects that went down. Here are my top links for the week! 


1. - The Beautiful World Behind the Power Grid

This is just a phenomenal post and journey through the world of the power grid. Photographer Luca Zanier spent a year photographing over 100 different power plants, oil rigs, and dams and to get an inside look of some of the most mysterious and unknown places today.

“We all depend on electricity, but we close our eyes to the industry behind it. It’s like the fact that most of us love to eat meat, but nobody wants to see the slaughterhouse,” Zanier said via email. “But the world of power plants is a very clean, abstract, technical and aesthetically pleasing one. This might be a surprise. I wanted to provide insight into the fascinating world behind the act of switching on the light.”

This one is worth the read!

2. - How to Succeed in Architecture: Innovative Workplace Design

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This week I came across an amazing Google+ Hangout from Novedge, which is the top online resource for design software, discussions with industry leaders, and incredible information. As you can tell by the link title, their hangout was on the topic of "Innovative Workplace Design".

Being moderated by Aurora Meneghello, she invited guest Gregory R. Mottola, AIA, a Principal of Bohlin Cywinski JacksonRosa Sheng, AIA, also at Bohlin Cywinski JacksonDoug Mehl, AIA, a co-founder and Design Principal of Fennie+Mehl Architects, and Olle Lundberg, AIA, who founded Lundberg Design.

This hangout covered questions about inspiration, dealing with scale, and shows examples of each of their recent works. Watch it below:

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Image via

nd lastly, I have an great interview from Dwell and production designer, Adam Stockhausen, the designer from Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, talking about the creation of the hotel used in the film.

Because they wanted to reference some of the best hotels in the world, they knew they would not be able to find one that they would be able to bring to life in the way they needed to for the film. 

"The solution presented itself during locations scouting in East Germany. Anderson stumbled upon the Görlitzer Warenhaus, an abandoned department store in Görlitz. This “tremendous find,” according to Stockhausen, made building an interior possible within his budget, and the production crew soon created an entire hotel lobby inside."

This is a very insightful and unique interview that is definitely worth reading and looking through their slideshow. If there was one filmmaker that I'd want my own work to be influenced by I would have to say Wes Anderson. They scenes and worlds that he creates in his interiors and architecture is, for lack of a better word, engrossing.

Well that wraps up this week's #ArchitectureLinks! I hope you enjoyed them and found some inspiration to look at your world differently. Let me know your thoughts on these links or even share your own links with me that you found interesting! I will talk with you soon and have a great weekend!